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Spidersaurusrex Canadian Tour Highlights

12 Jun 2013 | Categories: On The Road | Posted by: Jenavive

Montreal in the pouring rain

My family used to visit Montreal every summer to visit our relatives but I never really got the full Montreal experience. This time it was Montreal authentic. In the pouring rain we drove through the busy streets getting honked at for whatever the locals thought we were doing wrong. After navigating the busy streets filled with bikers, pedestrians and cars we pulled up to our venue for the night. L’Escogriffe is located right on Rue St Denis. It’s small, dingy and full of spirit.

Big Thanks to the Champlain Drop for making us feel at home.
The 3am poutine was fab! Anthony might have found his number one fan in a French cougar at the poutinerie. C’est La Vie!