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about the band

Jenavive is a self-titled Canadian indie rock vocalist, songwriter and keyboardist from Calgary. Her wide background of musical tastes has influenced her live and studio sound. Her signature style is sweet yet powerful vocals over a backdrop of genre-blending, pop culture inspired indie rock.

Jenavive Smith, a classically trained pianist, started her music career in 2008 as a singer-songwriter. She released her debut single “Wonder” (EP), in February 2010. Jenavive was soon after joined by her brother, Reggie Smith, who would accompany her on guitar.

Jenavive is dynamic and dramatic, intimate and passionate. She has performed over 50 shows in the past 30 months across North America; from informal and personal acoustic house concerts, to vibrant and energetic rock music festivals. In spring/summer 2012, Jenavive toured as far north as Alaska and the Yukon, and as far east as New York and Boston. Jenavive has attended Canada Music Week in Toronto for the past two years, and had the opportunity to play at Cashbox Canada Booth. In July of 2012, Jenavive crossed genre’s into country-rock she was chosen as a finalist for Calgary Stampede’s Nashville North Star competition. This allowed her to perform at Nashville North, Calgary’s most well known and largest country music venue, in front of well over a well over a thousand wild and rowdy stampeders.

Jenavive is proud to be a part of Calgary, Alberta’s independent music and arts scene. Jenavive Smith was chosen as a Calgary Cultural Ambassador for 2012, part of Calgary 2012, an independent non-profit organization that showcases Calgary’s Culture and legacy. Jenavive has performed at high schools and middle schools in Canada and the US, giving presentations on what it is like to be an independent artist in the Canadian Music Industry. In the Spring/SUmmer of 2013 Jenavive toured across Canada ending in Toronto’s legendary Horseshoe tavern and then heading south into the United States, ending with an epic show in Los Angeles’s Parish room at the House of Blues on Sunset blvd.

Jenavive Smith has overcome many obstacles in her personal life, and uses her experiences to mentor and coach Calgary Youth. Her passion for volunteer and charity work is widespread, and she has organized and participated in fundraisers for the National Neiman Pick Disease Foundation, the Humain Society, and Scotiabank Aids Walk for Life, to name a few.

Jenavive is currently recording a new album at The Archive Studios in LA, with producer Chris James who has worked with a few well know artists and in support of the new album is planning a tour across Europe and North America. Artistically, Jenavive draws from their collective experiences, influences, culture and shared passion for creating and performing music.