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Buttons’ epic van nap

08 Aug 2011 | Categories: Jenavive News, On The Road | Posted by: Jenavive

Hey everyone,

The trip is going well so far, lots of time unloading and loading the van with all the gear.  We were staying at the Global Backpackers Village in Toronto, where I met some cool Irish people who where adamant about telling me the coolest bands back home for them. Still haven’t had the chance to listen to them yet, since we’ve been on the road and my battery doesn’t last long.

The hostel was decent, however the the humidity and the heat in Ontario is a bit much for someone from out west. On the way from Toronto to London, I was able to get one of my top 10 naps in life. The A/C in the car was enough to finally cool me off to the point that I could sleep comfortably. As soon as I laid my head down on the pillow in the Van, I drifted off, and shortly after woke up well rested in London.

We spent some great time visiting family and playing a couple small shows in London, and today we will be in Niagara Falls doing some touristy stuff.

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Thats all for now! Peace!