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Indie Music Monday

Indie Music Monday – The Jingles

09 Dec 2013 | Categories: Indie Music Monday | Posted by: Jenavive

Christmas is coming!

This Monday we decided to get festive and let Calgary band The Jingles tickle your Christmas Spirit. I really love how much fun they have! Really makes it hard to bah humbug.

This Saturday they have a FREE ALL AGES SHOW at The House Coffee Sanctuary in Kensington. They are definitely worth checking out. Maybe you’ll even catch the Christmas bug. For a preview of what to expect check out this video. They also have tons of live video on their YouTube page.



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For booking email the band at

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Indie Music Monday - Mad Hatter Music Festival

Categories: Indie Music Monday, Shows | Posted by: Jenavive

We are happy to announce that we have been invited to play the Mad Hatter Music Festival!

Come and join us for a weekend of music, art, love and awareness.  The EDM (electronic dance music) festival takes place on private property in Leduc, Alberta from August 15-18.  There will be three stages this year, two electronic and one live music stage.  The festival has the potential to become a foundation for the arts community in Edmonton.

Check out there website and send some love to their facebook page!




See you there!


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IMM - Calgary has never looked (or sounded) this good!

Categories: Indie Music Monday, Music News | Posted by: Jenavive
 Calgary has never looked (or sounded) this good!

Check out this new promotional video from Tourism CalgaryCalgary Economic Development and Calgary Telus Convention Centre.  It does a great job of showcasing the beauty of the city, the culture, and community in a way I can’t find the words for.

The video features Calgary artists  Jocelyn and Lisa performing the song Right Here, written by composer Mike Shields.

This video does a great job to dispel the “Cow Town” and “Stampede City” connotation that is all to quickly associated with Calgary.

See how many of the locations you can recognize!



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Indie Music Monday - The Great Canadian Song Search

Categories: Indie Music Monday | Posted by: Jenavive
Indie Music Monday – The Great Canadian Song Search

Our congratulations go out to Curtis Beaudry  for winning the Calgary finals of the Great Canadian Song Search. He has a great voice, beautiful songs and we are excited for his impending album release. The national finals will be held in Toronto this July. We’ll be rooting for our hometown boy.

Judges for the finals included Matt Berry Music Director/Announcer X92.9Fm, Chris Lynch/ Announcer X92.9Fm and Concert Promoter/Festival Producer Lindsay Sheddon. They were fantastic at giving positive and constructive feedback to each competitor.

Big thank you to our fellow competitors. It was great meeting these fantastic local artist and we can’t wait to collaborate with them down the road.

Calgary finalists:

You can listen to the winning song performed by Curtis Beaudry on his ReverbNation Page here:




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Indie Music Monday - New Music Video from Cobra Ramone [NSFW]

Categories: Indie Music Monday | Posted by: Jenavive
Potentially NSFW – (Unless you work at a strip club, if thats the case, go nuts).

Vancouver rocker Cobra Ramone released a music video for her song “No Good” this week.  Filmed at ‘The Penthouse Night Club‘ in Vancouver, BC, this video features guns, girls, and great music.

Watch the video on her youtube channel here:


Produced / Edited by: David Angelski

Directed by: Alex Paxa


If you like the song, you can pick it up from itunes or at

Until next week,




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Indie Music Monday - New single from Head of the Herd

Categories: Indie Music Monday | Posted by: Jenavive
‘By this time tomorrow’ – New Single from Head of the Herd

This is the debut single of Head of the Herd’s sophomore album “By This Time Tomorrow.” It was produced by the man behind Rage Against the Machine’s first record Gggarth Richardson, and features Jasmin Parkin from Mother Mother. Recorded at the Farm Studios, engineered by Ben Kaplan “Krunch.”

The full LP will be out June 2013, and includes songs produced by Rick Jackett & James Black of Finger Eleven, as well as more by Gggarth.

Jasmin Parkin appears courtesy of Last Gang Records.

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Indie Music Monday - Cashbox Magazine Canada

Categories: Indie Music Monday, Reviews | Posted by: Jenavive

I had the pleasure of meeting Cashbox Magazine Canada’s Sandy Graham and Micheal Williams at Canada Music Week a few years ago. Cashbox Magazine is know for being generous and supportive of up-and-coming artist and I was lucky enough to leave an impression on them.

Check the article out here:

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Indie Music Monday - Amelia Curran & Scott Cook

Categories: Indie Music Monday, Reviews, Shows | Posted by: Jenavive

Amelia Curran

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Amelia Curran‘s sold-out performance at the Nickelodeon Music Club in Calgary.  If you haven’t heard of Amelia before, she is a Juno Award winning Canadian Singer-songwriter from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Amelia’s music can be described as indie-folk, or alternative-country.  She incorporates story telling over finger-picked acoustic guitar.  Accompanying her on the accordion and providing vocal harmonies was Catherine Allen, another St. John’s native.

The Nickelodeon Music Club is based out of the Crescent Heights Community hall.  It seats 193 people, most of which are season ticket holders.  It is run by volunteers and has a true community feel to it.  The audience was a welcoming and polite group of true music fans.  The stage, albeit small, and room made for an intimate experience.  The venue was well organized and the acoustics and sound were excellent.

Scott Cook

Edmonton based Scott Cook opened the night with a 40 minute acoustic set.  His pleasing baritone voice is well suited to his country-folk crooning.  He told stories of camping with his buddies in the prairies, and sang of playing in bars to much less receptive crowds than the Nickelodeon.   He will be having his CD release in Calgary at the Ironwood on May 9th.

After a brief intermission, Amelia Curran took to the stage with her acoustic guitar.  Her awkward, yet endearing stage presence quickly became charming as the night went on.  Between each song, Amelia would tell personal stories to the audience.  Her stories were about how her songs were written, her roots as a Newfoundlander, why she doesn’t have an accent, her family, and the battle for a Guinness World Record.  Her banter with Catherine Allen, who sang back up vocals, was reminiscent of David Letterman and Paul Shaffer.  A couple geeky references to Dr. Who and Monty Python fell short on the audience, but I definitely appreciated them.

The night wrapped up quickly at the end of the set.  Amelia had to catch a midnight flight back east so she could present an award.

As a newcomer to the Calgary Music scene,  I feel that Calgary folk clubs are a bit of a hidden treasure.  If you are a fan of Folk Music, check out to see if there are any shows in your area.  You won’t regret it!

For a taste of Amelia Currans live performace, you can watch her perform the song “The Mistress” on CBC’s QTV.



Listen to her track “Years” from her album Spectators.


You can also check out this live acoustic video of Scott Cook’s “High and Lonesome again“.




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10 Reasons why Live Local Music is Better Than Going to a Movie.

Categories: Fun, Indie Music Monday | Posted by: Jenavive
 10 Reasons why Live Local Music is Better Than Going to a Movie.

10. It’s cheaper. Most local shows are $5 to $10 bucks for 4 hours of entertainment. Movies are around $15 but with 3D and IMAX tickets get expensive quickly.

9. You can talk to your friends and not get yelled at for being a dick.

This would never happen at one of our shows

This would never happen at one of our shows

8. A chance to show off your sweet dance moves.

Tina! Come get some ham!

Tina! Come get some ham!

7. Girls will talk to you because of your excellent taste in music and superior social skills. Number 5 greatly helps your cause.

6. No children. Most shows are +18 plus.  This means you get to enjoy some guilt free adult entertainment.

5. Alcohol. For the same price of a theatre pop you can enjoy a delicious draft beer. *Note* better with friends.  

The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.

The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

4. You can take a pee break whenever you want.   No more waiting for the slow part of the movie wondering if your bladder will explode.

3. Your facebook profile will look way more exciting.

This lady is having the best day OF HER LIFE!

This lady is having the best day OF HER LIFE!

2. You will get to hangout with cool bands.

1. That popcorn was making you fat anyway.

Turns out "Baby, Baby, Baby" was about Justin's love addiction for popcorn.

Turns out “Baby, Baby, Baby” was about Justin’s love addiction for popcorn.

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