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Movember is almost over!

26 Nov 2013 | Categories: Band Members, Uncategorized | Posted by: Jenavive

Please support men’s health and visit the Movember site for ways to donate.

Our guitar player Reggie is also raising funds. Check out his pics below!

An Ode To My Mustache – By Kyle Henry

You started off so small, petite and unassuming

A mere willow in the wind, just a baby blooming

Unnoticeable at first, you were a novelty, an act

But as the days grew on, your history grew deeper – straight artifact 

You started to take shape, you started to form

And not long after that, it looked like I was in 70’s porn

Bushy and thick, you started to hold your ground

A nestling burrow for a bird, a tangled mess, a mound

You held your head high, despite the laughter and noise

Unflappable and calm you grew into one of the boys

You became a friend, a mate, part of the crew

Out of the movies, the gym or a casual brew

You remind me of what I just ate, whenever I wouldn’t remember

You were my best friends, my crutch, all the month of November

But now your time has come, your back to dust in the breeze 

I question whether I should rid myself of you and the world begs please

You weren’t a whisker, a hair, or even an eyelash

You were better than that, you were my homie, my moustache

12 more months until we’re reunited once again

You growing above my lips, turning boys into men

RIP – Mustache (I love you)

This post is Ron Swanson approved

Coming soon… DECEMBEARD.