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It's Caturday! Roadie is (almost) internet famous.

Categories: Caturday | Posted by: Jenavive

Roadie, our resident house cat, was posted on imgur a few weeks ago.  Since being posted, he has garnered over 250,000 views!  We knew this little white monster would be our way to fame and fortune.

Now… if we could only find a way to convert internet views into Canadian Dollars….

You can view the post on imgur here:

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It’s Caturday! New game to play with your cat!

Categories: Caturday | Posted by: Jenavive

Reggie and I invented a new game this past week.  It’s called Cat stacking.

How to play:

Items needed

  • One lazy/sleeping cat
  • various objects to stack on the cat

Purpose of game:

Stack as many items on the cat as possible before it gets annoyed / wakes up.




This week, we managed:

  • 2 remote controls
  • 2 cellphones
  • car keys
  • empty pop can
  • glass bowl
  • cardboard box




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It's Caturday
Nov 24 2012
It’s Caturday!

It’s Caturday!

Categories: Caturday | Posted by: Jenavive

Whats this??

Calgary is known for having crazy, unpredictable weather. One minute, it will be -20°C, and five minutes later, it will be a balmy +5°C.

This summer it hailed ping-pong ball sized pieces of ice, denting cars and trees in the area. I went out and grabbed a couple pieces and put them in a hi-ball glass.

Roadie seemed curious, as always.

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