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Official music video released for 'Human Nature'

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New Music from Jenavive


A quick note to announce the release of  the official “Human Nature”  music video.  It is now available for your viewing pleasure.

You can watch it here now –

We’ll have more amazing videos for you in the coming weeks.  Subscribe to our youtube channel so you can be the first of your friends to see them.

We have already reached over 1,000 views in the last few days!  Thank you to everyone who has shared this video through facebook and twitter.


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Indie Music Monday - Cobra Ramone

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[WARNING: This article contains loud guitar and racy subject matter that may cause readers to start car chases or develop severe Kinemortophobia.]

Cobra Ramone is full of rock and roll badassery. She proves that girls can rock as hard as boys and look sexy doing it. On stage she is joined by Big Daddy Deachman (drums) and Trevor Snakedust (hammond B3) for dirty guitar driven blues-rock and vocals that any singer would be envious of.

Currently based out of Vancouver, Canada, Cobra is recording new music and touring all over North America. Make sure you go see her and the boys when they visit your city! For updates on shows and other band debauchery follow them on twitter.

Her latest record is a self-titled face-melting 10-track chronicle about the apocalypse, zombies and ‘boys-are-dicks’ type songs that can be previewed and purchased at

My personal picks are: Cobras ( and fan fave Wrath Like a City ( that will have you blasting your car speakers and singing along by the first chorus.

You can find her music on bandcamp or listen to her song: “I’m the one” on youtube, if you prefer.


My personal picks are Cobras and fan fave Wrath Like a City that will have you blasting your car speakers and singing along by the first chorus.


Videos of Choice
Cover of Jessie J’s – Do It Like a Dude

Cobra Ramone – I’m the One


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Indie Music Monday – Transit

Categories: Indie Music Monday | Posted by: Jenavive

Tony and I were lucky enough to grab last minute tickets to Transit’s fist pumping CD release show this past Saturday at UofC’s Mac Hall Ballroom. Transit’s latest album, Stale, was officially released January 3rd, 2013. You can sample and buy the album here:

If you love hip hop you will not be disappointed.

The show was packed with awesome performances and special guests like Jesse-James Cameron from Makeshift Innocence (, Joe Nolan ( and Sykamore. Newcomer The Blue rocked the stage performing a powerful duet with Transit and beat-savvy DJ Crosswalk ( kept the tracks and filanthrofists going all night.

Overall we were completely blown away by this high-energy jam-packed show.

Honorable Mentions:
N.e Natural Ensemble (
The Bagpiper who should up for the last song

Check out our favourite Transit video “I’m so Indie”:

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105 lbs of food donated from “The Dog and Duck Gets Hungry” show

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Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday night. We had fantastic acoustic night with local performers Justin Wilson and Taylor Lang, Aislinn Grant and Nicki McRae. Brett McCrady from Vancouver could be one of our new favourite artist. He threw a great set together and was a total blast to hang with all night.

Photos from Calgary photographer Madigan of Storms (www.ofstorms) will be posted on over the next week. Be sure to like the fan page and tag yourself with naughty Santa and his dirty elf.

Best of all was the incredible food bank support from all our fans. We were able to raise 105 pounds of non-perishable food items. Nice work team!!!

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