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Official music video released for 'Human Nature'

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New Music from Jenavive


A quick note to announce the release of  the official “Human Nature”  music video.  It is now available for your viewing pleasure.

You can watch it here now –

We’ll have more amazing videos for you in the coming weeks.  Subscribe to our youtube channel so you can be the first of your friends to see them.

We have already reached over 1,000 views in the last few days!  Thank you to everyone who has shared this video through facebook and twitter.


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Nexus2 VST - Software Synth

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You will love this synth.

i wish they had a desktop version of this synth

If you are into electronic music production, you will love the Nexus2 software synth.  This synth is a key tool in the library of some of electronic musics biggest artists.  Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, and Swedish House Mafia have all used this synth on their work.

When it comes to VSTs and software synths, I’m a junkie for presets.  I don’t have a ton of practice turning nobs and tweaking oscillators creating sounds from scratch on analog synths.  I love the ability to plug-in and immediately hear great sounding patches and sounds.  The Nexus2 has a 6GB library of arpeggios, leads, pads, and more that will light up your production.  The interface is also easy to read, allowing you to spend more time crafting songs and producing music, and less time scratching your head.

We use this synth for the main melodic rhythm on the single ‘Human Nature’ from our upcoming EP. Listen to the Nexus VST demo track, and hear how powerful this synth is for yourself.

Find out more about the Nexus2 software synth from

Until next wednesday,


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