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Underthesheets review by INDIE403

13 Sep 2011 | Categories: Reviews | Posted by: Jenavive

Hey you guys! Indie403 just did a review on the underthesheets album! 😀

Jenavive is one sexy woman. She has the obvious sexy qualities – her confidence, her voice, her legs – but it is “underthesheets”, her newly-released full-length album, that shows off the timeless and exceptional sexiness that brings Jenavive to the forefront of the musical sphere.

Released in August 2011 to kick off a cross-country tour, “underthesheets” shows off original and attention-grabbing songwriting. Her talents are decidedly Lady Gaga-esque, a label that comes from her strength and confidence, in addition to some stellar lyrics and singing abilities.

The album starts off with an explicit version of the single “Greedy”, a song that is both catchy and blissfully dirty. While the radio-friendly version of the song finishes off the album, it is the explicit version that catches the most attention and starts the album off with a somewhat literal bang. Stimulating from the first verse, “Greedy” is a musical offer of friendly benefits which may or may not include a third partner. These blatantly sexual lyrics are a demonstration of female power and it is her attitude and confidence that turn the listener onto the song and to the album as a whole.

Jenavive also shows signs of vulnerability and romance as she explores the other sides of love and relationships. By exploring relatable and common issues (such as relationship jealousy and insecurity in “Jealousy”), her songs reach out to the passionate and occasionally hurt person inside all of us, and does so in a way that is nicely composed and well-written. Each song comes with some degree of familiarity, and has the type of sound that makes you think you might have heard her music before but can’t quite place it. This is definitely a good thing: so many new artists try so hard to be “unique” or “different” that they just sound stupid and, ironically, the same. By appropriately showcasing her originality by playing on the familiar and admirably contributing to a well-loved and popular music arena, Jenavive has created songs that are memorable, catchy, and special. It is easy to sing along to this album, and for an artist of this genre, that element is important.

Jenavive is moving up quickly. She has already found a loyal legion of fans who follow her movements across the country, and with an incredible voice that is even better live, her talent is not one to be missed. Check out her website, MySpace or Facebook, buy her album, and drop into a live show, and then you can rightfully look back someday to say, “I knew her when…”